Breeding at Tresmorn is done on a very limited basis and only when I want to keep a puppy or puppies.  Every dog should not be bred and many facets are considered prior to breeding including overall health and temperament as well as adhering to the breed standard and remembering their original purpose - to run down and kill wolves.  My dogs are screened for hips and elbows via OFA and have echocardiograms done on their hearts prior to breeding.  Any outside males will be deemed healthy by their breeders. 

My dogs are naturally reared as much as possible which includes being raw fed.  Puppies will be weaned onto a raw diet, and I prefer to place puppies in homes that raw feed or will consider a transition.

All my puppies will be placed as companion only dogs with AKC limited registration.  This means they cannot be shown or bred from.  Puppies will have a full veterinary exam, microchip, multiple dewormings, liver shunt tests, chiropractic adjustments, and initial vaccines before going to their new homes at 10-12 weeks.

Breeding for the right reasons to create dogs of sound body, mind, and health is not an endeavor that should be taken lightly.  I care deeply for every dog I have shared my life with including every puppy born here and will continue to do so for their entire lives.  Please be prepared for my extensive puppy questionnaire and to come visit the dogs and myself before I choose if you are the right home for a

Tresmorn Irish Wolfhound.


Finding an Irish Wolfhound Puppy 

Finding a well bred Irish Wolfhound puppy should not be an easy task or one that has immediate results.  To find a breeder in your area, I strongly encourage the Breeder Directory on the website of the Irish Wolfhound Club of America.  Breeders must be a member of the club and sign a Code of Ethics to be a part of this list.  From there, I encourage people to contact and visit as many breeders as possible.  Ask about health testing.  Find a breeder who you agree with how their dogs live and how their dogs are cared for.  A good breeder should be a lifelong friend and source of information for your and your dog.  Good breeders often have waiting lists for their puppies and only have litters to improve the breed and to keep puppies themselves.  They only breed the healthiest of adults.  Run fast from anyone who always has puppies available, offers rare colors, cannot provide health testing results, is offering you a top pick puppy, or sending the puppy home before 10 weeks of age.  These are commercial breeders, puppy mills, or back yard breeders only out to make money.  This gentle and wonderful breed should never be subjected to horrors of breeding for profit.  Their lives are too short and their souls are too gentle.  Please look for your Irish Wolfhound puppy with great care.